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TSE+ is a suite of applications to enhance the data management for EnergyPlus users. The various modules aid the specific groups of data required in EnergyPlus.

TSE+ is an Alpha (pre-release) version in its development stage and the modules are being provided to users to access the usability and functionality of the program for further development. Your effort to provide feedback and comments will be greatly appreciated and will benefit the tool development. The TSE+ modules are provided totally free of cost.

Email feedback to tse@tse-inc.net


Click the module name to download the .zip file

Module [TSE+Mat] User Manual [PDF]

Module [TSE+Glz] User Manual [PDF]



Extract the .zip file to your hard drive into a TSE+ folder and launch the program by double clicking the TSE+.exe file. The default E+ dataset location is assumed as c:\energyplus\datasets. Please update the location in the datasets.txt (in the TSE+ directory) if the path is different on your hard drive. Create a TSE+ folder for each module, TSE+Mat and TSE+Glz, extract to the respictive folder.


Disclaimer: TSE+ modules are provided free of cost and their use is totally voluntary. TSE will not be responsible for any damages of any kind incurred due to the use of these tools.

Copyright: TSE reserves all rights to change modify and distribute the TSE+ suite of applications.