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TSE has been providing our clients with BIM level design and construction documents for many years. Using BIM enhances the level of coordination, quality, and productivity in the services offered by TSE. TSE maintains the building information throughout the construction cycle which allows us to see and resolve conflicts sooner, foster communication between other trades for coordination, and improve construction management.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling is a virtual representation of what is to come in the construction phase. Using BIM in the design phase will help reduce construction conflicts and will improve the entire construction process. TSE uses a variety of tools to produce building models such as Autodesk design software, CAD-MEP, and Design Master. The use of BIM and other services offered by TSE such as Commissioning will improve building operations.


Please view some walkthroughs created by Taylor Systems Engineering, Inc.

To control the video move your mouse over the video to play, pause, and stop.


This walk through is of a boiler room and features an existing boiler, new boilers, associated piping, and electrical equipment.


This walk through is of a mechanical room and features an existing boiler, new air handlers, duct, piping, and electrical equipment.


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